Aluminum Cosmetic Containers Provide Good Sealing for Cosmetics

Aluminum Cosmetic Containers Provide Good Sealing for Cosmetics

At present, pursuing the beauty is a woman's nature. With the rapid development of China's economy, the cosmetics market continues to expand and the status of the cosmetics industry gradually rises, which makes the cosmetics become a necessity for women's life. Women's reputation needs to be maintained through cosmetics, while the packaging sealing of cosmetics heavily influences on the shelf life of cosmetics.

Cosmetic bottle caps in the market are mostly made of plastic and aluminum-plastic composite materials. Comparatively speaking, aluminum-plastic composite materials have better sealing ability and more beautiful bottle caps, which makes them become the preferred cap materials for a lot of high-end cosmetics. Aluminum-plastic composite material in the cap material will contact the liquid in the bottle, so they always use 1060 Aluminum foil as cosmetics bottle cap aluminum base material, and the thickness generally ranges from 0.17mm to 0.5mm.

Aluminum cosmetics containers are usually processed on a higher automation production lines, so it has a strict requirement for the strength, elongation and size deviation of 1060 aluminum foil. Otherwise, cracks or creases will occur during processing. In order to ensure that the cap is easy to print after forming, it is required that the aluminum foil sheet used in aluminium cosmetic containers should be flat, without roll marks, scratches and stains. Because of the high requirements of aluminium cosmetic containers there are few mature aluminum processing manufacturers in the domestic market at present.
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