Analysis On How To Improve The Added Value Of Glass Bottle Packaging

Analysis On How To Improve The Added Value Of Glass Bottle Packaging

Human glass bottles have been made for thousands of years. Although the glass bottles and jars has achieved from manual to bottle-making machine mechanization, industrial upgrading process. But the glass bottle is still full of traditional flavor. As packaging products, glass bottles are more in the low-end position, basically not for high profits, mainly for yield. In order to improve the profit of glass bottle, we think that the most effective way to improve the added value of glass bottle,  to carry out the innovation of glass bottle product and take the road of scientific and technological integration.

The technicalization of glass bottle packaging is, in fact, more difficult to achieve than those of plastic bottles. One can be achieved through the glass bottle cap interface, mainly working in the glass bottle anti-counterfeiting and other aspects, thus improve the anti-counterfeiting level of the glass bottle, so as to improve the profit of the single glass bottle product. The other is from the label of the glass bottle. The label of the glass bottle can be connected with the mobile Internet by extending the QR code, and of course, the tracer and other elements are added to the bottle body to realize the traceability system of the product.

For the manufacturers of glass bottle mold, with the change of the market, the appearance demand of glass bottle packaging is becoming more and more diversified, and the requirement of refinement is getting higher and higher. It puts forward higher requirements for glass bottle mold manufacturers. After all, although glass bottles are now back in the market, they still face challenges from plastic bottles and other new packaging materials. This requires glass bottle mold manufacturers to better control the cost of products, and the diversity of products and performance should also be improved. For glass bottle packaging, in order to enhance competitiveness, it is necessary for the whole upstream and downstream industry chain related manufacturers to work together to improve and enhance the details.
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