Glass Bottle Has Good Plasticity And Presents Various Packaging Effects

Glass Bottle Has Good Plasticity And Presents Various Packaging Effects

Plastic bottles have always relied on the labeling process to further improve the outer packaging of the product in terms of the appearance of the bottle. In contrast, glass bottles and jars have a variety of choices in the post-finishing process, including baking, painting, frosting and many other effects. This allows glass bottles to often transform a variety of different packaging effects. These processes can discolor glass bottles and adapt glass bottles to a variety of different positioning packaging needs.

Therefore, nowadays, in the high-end packaging market, more and more perfume bottle manufacturers use custom perfume bottles made of glass for packaging for individual needs, and then improve them through various post-processes to achieve distinctive packaging effects on plastic bottles. Hard to reach. According to relevant statistics, current glass bottles are showing rapid growth in the packaging market worldwide.

For plastic bottles, we believe that it should not be worse than glass bottles in terms of plasticity. The key point is that the development of the process related to the later stages of plastic bottles is currently lacking in the development of enterprises in this area. We believe that there is a good prospect for this development.
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