Improvement of Details Means a lot to Glass Bottle Package

Improvement of Details Means a lot to Glass Bottle Package

In recent two years, the consumption of glass bottle package has been on the rise, and more and more sellers start to choose it to replace plastic bottles. As for glass bottle manufacturers, the glass bottles and jars mould has stayed the same no matter the innovation nor the number of enterprises as the plastic bottles has substituted glass bottle in the market, which resulted that glass bottle package lagged behind. With the re-emergence of glass bottle market, the manufacturers desire the new orders from the market and at the same time, they want to promote the product innovation. However, there are still many drawbacks as we have analyzed. Today, we will come to the point about some problems in the glass bottle package.

First of all, though glass bottle tends to be light weight at present, no breakthrough has been made in actual application. The weight of glass bottle has been far heavier than that of plastic bottle. Compared with plastic bottle used for mineral water and drinks, they are not so easier to carry when it comes to be out often. Secondly, unlike plastic bottles, glass bottle package is rather smooth, more difficult for people to hold it, leading to its breakdown. At last, the heat resistance of glass bottle needs improving. In winter, some consumers are used to heating the glass bottles, for which they are smashed to pieces easily.

For glass bottle package, it is vital for it to change in details if it wants to achieve more in the packaging market.
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