Plastic Bottle Hard Material Packaging Design Pays Attention To Practicality

Plastic Bottle Hard Material Packaging Design Pays Attention To Practicality

The visual information of the plastic bottle beverage packaging design is mainly reflected in the design style. Grasping the design style determines the success or failure of packaging design, which is the key to design visualization. Design style refers to the individual performance of the aesthetic value of a work of art or industrial product in the Design Dictionary. The design style can more appropriately reflect the aesthetic taste of the packaging, that is, the overall personality of the various elements that constitute the packaging form.

The design style of packaging is determined by many factors: first, the background of the use of packaging consumption; secondly, the attributes of the goods and the requirements of brand culture factors; and the appropriate cost input and appropriate material technology use. "A good design should follow two principles. First, you can achieve the greatest results by changing the fewest elements.

Second, it reduces the stress of a system rather than increasing it. Plastic bottle beverage packaging design cannot violate this principle. "Good design makes things easy and simple. Good beverage packaging design seems to be natural, unpretentious, and connected with people's common sense. "No packaging" or "zero packaging" is the ideal of packaging development. For the time being, this can only be a development potential for the future. It is realistic to promote and promote sustainable packaging. In the future, packaging design must have a sustainable design strategy, but also a corresponding design style. In the packaging style performance, we must grasp the necessary functional requirements of the packaging, delete the simple and simple, and save the moderate design of the Bodhisattva. There are many styles of sustainable packaging design. The author analyzes and returns the functional style of function-oriented, highlighting the brand's logo style, low-energy simple style and reusable general style.

Third, "practical", as the name suggests is the actual use value. The actual use value of the packaging should be to protect the goods and not to damage the goods in circulation. The practical style focuses on solving the main functional requirements of the packaging, reducing unnecessary decoration and other modifications, and returning to the basic attributes of the beverage packaging. Return to the essence of beverage packaging, pay attention to the necessary functional design innovation of packaging, promote the promotion of practical packaging style, and reduce the waste of packaging. The practical style of packaging can be divided into functional style, mass practical style, decorative practical style and material and craft practical style. After the plastic bottle beverage is consumed, the packaging can still be used twice, which fully reflects the practical design concept of the plastic bottle beverage packaging design.
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