Plastic Bottle Packaging Heat Phenomenon Needs To Be Treated Calmly

Plastic Bottle Packaging Heat Phenomenon Needs To Be Treated Calmly

In terms of packaging containers, the original packaging of the container is a glass bottle followed by a paper composite can, followed by a pet bottle, and now the rigid pet bottle is already the largest packaging material for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, which was already in the United States in 1991. 26.5% of beverage packaging containers, glass bottles have dropped from 28.9% in 1981 to 19.5%, and aluminum cans accounted for 39%. And plastic bottles are growing at an annual rate of more than 3%. To be sure, even in the plastic packaging industry is the most blamed country. Plastics will continue to develop at a much faster rate than other packaging materials, as many of the properties of plastics cannot be replaced by any other packaging material. The plastic packaging industry has already occupied the transportation packaging field, and has already developed into transportation packaging. Ultimately, it will force the "transport packaging" that is still based on metal to be replaced by plastic.

Plastic packaging is still an essential part of the packaging process. The advantages of using plastic bottle packaging are: low packaging cost; can effectively reduce the accident of blasting bottle injury; can solve the pollution problem of the surface of the memory bottle during the circulation and stacking process of the plastic turnover box; the scope of application is wide, such as can be used for glass bottles Packaging of products such as metal cans and cartons; and giving consumers a new look.
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