Recycling Of Glass Bottles Should Be Considered From The Source

Recycling Of Glass Bottles Should Be Considered From The Source

In recent years, the market share of glass bottles and jars packaging has been rising, but the recycling of glass bottles is not ideal, and the recovery rate is far lower than that of plastic bottles. A large number of discarded glass bottles are both a waste of resources and an environmental damage. In the current situation where glass recycling channels are not smooth, how to effectively use discarded glass bottles is worthy of our careful study. In this regard, we believe that it is most important to be able to reuse waste glass bottles easily and effectively.

For discarded glass bottles, there are several aspects that people need to improve. First of all, the bottle cap of the glass bottle must be easily opened. The most important thing is that the cap should be easily and repeatedly capped. Nowadays, many glass bottle caps are destructive after they are opened, so that when the glass bottles are reused, it is not conducive to sealing, and it is difficult to ensure the hygiene of the glass bottles. Secondly, the label of the glass bottle, now some glass bottle labels are in the form of glue, which is very difficult to clean, which makes it difficult to reuse the glass bottle. Finally, it is the cleaning, sterilization and disinfection of glass bottles. These also need related improvements. To facilitate the sterilization, cleaning and disinfection of ordinary consumers. Only when the glass bottle is packaged at the new factory, the reuse of the glass bottle can be considered at the design source from the beginning, which is very important for the reuse of the glass bottle.
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