Why Are Glass Bottle Manufacturers Unevenly Distributed?

Why Are Glass Bottle Manufacturers Unevenly Distributed?

For glass bottle packaging, the three main production areas are currently in Shandong, Jiangsu and He'nan. This distribution has been analyzed several times and found that the regional distribution of glass bottle manufacturers is very uneven. In the southeast coastal areas of Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong, the demand for glass bottles is relatively high, but the glass bottles' distribution of manufacturers is very small. Why is this happening? Is the cosmetic glass bottle manufacturer not understanding the market? Obviously, it is not. What is the reason?

The root of the problem lies in the dependence of glass bottle production on raw materials. The production of glass bottles requires a large amount of raw materials such as soda ash and quartz sand. These raw materials are widely distributed in North China. Glass bottle manufacturers began to gather in these places due to the consideration of raw material transportation and cost constraints. A large number of manufacturers gather, supporting manufacturers continue to appear. The emergence of these supporting manufacturers has greatly reduced the production cost of glass bottle manufacturers.

Therefore, the uneven distribution of glass bottle manufacturers has its great cost reasons. However, after all, manufacturers and demand are not matched. Under such circumstances, how to solve the imbalance of glass bottle distribution, if there are manufacturers that can solve this problem, it will get better development.
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