The Development of the Wood Perfume Cap

The Development of the Wood Perfume Cap

The design of perfume bottle body can choose the traditional symmetrical form or the asymmetric form, or the bold and free form to convey different design concepts by symbolism and shows the unique essence of the products.

The cap of perfume bottle is also one of the key points of the designs. Because perfume is made up of volatile substances, it requires that the bottle cap can a better sealing quality. The early perfume bottle may be mainly dominated by the wood perfume cap. In recent times, the use of the grinding stopper bottle cap was widely used before 1950s because of for the sake of the appearance of grinding technology. The sealing formula of the bottle mouth is closely related to the use of perfume.

The dumping cap is a general design of bottle body and bottle mouth. With functional caps such as various dumping caps, we tilt the bottle body to achieve the function.

In modern times, wood perfume cap still exists. The retro design makes it have a tiny place in the market. Its sealing performance should not be underestimated, which is still the choice for the perfume packaging manufacturers.

According to the product status to choose the appropriate perfume design, the wood perfume cap is also a extreme good choice.
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