Advantages of Aluminum Packaging

Advantages of Aluminum Packaging

Aluminum is another kind of metal material for packaging besides the steel. In addition to the excellent barrier, air tightness, moisture-proof and light-shielding inherent in metal materials, it also has the following characteristics:

(1) Light weight. Aluminum is a kind of light metal. The specific gravity is about 2.7, which about 1/3 of the iron, so aluminum packaging has the advantage of light weight, and can save transportation costs. 

(2) Good processing performance. Aluminum has excellent ductility and drawing performance. Therefore, aluminum jars are two jars drawn at one time. Aluminum can be made very thin, and can also be used for packaging in the form of aluminum foil and aluminum plating.

(3) Aluminum does not rust in air and water vapor, and its surface is smooth and beautiful. It does not need to be coated with metal protective coatings, but can resist acid, alkali and salt media after surface coating.

(4) It is tasteless and odorless, and does not affect the quality of the package. In addition, it is free of sulfide and heavy metal pollution, which is particularly important for the packaging of food, medicine and cosmetics.

(5) It is easy to recycle and aluminum jars can be recycled to use, thus reducing the cost and resources consumption.

Aluminum foil is mostly used to make barrier layer of multi-layer composite packaging materials. Aluminum foil composite film is used in food packaging (mainly soft packaging), cigarette packaging, medicine, detergent and cosmetics packaging.

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