Changes In The Perfume Bottle Packaging Market

Changes In The Perfume Bottle Packaging Market

The history of the packaging of perfume bottles is very long. It can be said that it can be traced back to the millennium. It has been involved in various types of ceramic knives, plastics, wood and metal. At present, glass perfume bottles have become the dominant material in this market. Indeed, glass perfume bottles meet the needs of large-scale production of industrial products. At the same time, the glass perfume bottle packaging is also very beautiful in appearance, and the packaging cost is also moderate.

For the future packaging trend of perfume bottles, we believe that they will move toward differentiation. Materials such as ceramics and metals will be used as options for high-end perfume bottles. Glass and crystal perfume bottles are the frequent customers and first choice for the large-scale perfume market. The low-end perfume bottle market will be made of plastic perfume bottles. In addition, in the decoration process of the appearance of the perfume bottle, there will be more and more technologies appearing to enrich the market demand.

The consumer population in the domestic perfume market is mainly in two categories. One type is the traditional perfume consumer group, with high income, has a higher awareness of perfume, and understand perfume. These people have become accustomed to the consumption of perfumes. They also tend to adopt traditional styles for the outer packaging of perfume bottles, and do not accept new forms of perfume bottles. The overall proportion of this group of people is not high. The other category is the rising consumer group in recent years, mainly young women after 80s and 90s. They are more likely to accept new things. These people have high acceptance of perfume bottle packaging, and they will have some novelties. Perfume bottle packaging will be more popular. And this group will be the main consumer of the future perfume.
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