Material Characteristics of Aluminum Jars Production

Material Characteristics of Aluminum Jars Production

The aluminum jars production materials which aluminium jars wholesalers wholesale are mainly composed of aluminum, and the natural properties of aluminum is 2.7, and the density is about 1/3 of the general metal. The conductivity of common aluminum conductors is about 61% of that of copper and half of that of silver. Pure aluminium is extremely soft and have rich ductility.

According to the market product pattern of aluminium ingot, it can be divided into three categories: one is processing material, such as plate, strip, foil, tube, bar, forging, powder, and so on; one is casting aluminium alloy, wire rod cable, and the other is all kinds of aluminium products in daily life.

Aluminum tank has: safety, reliability, high security, good sealing, high strength, not easy to damage, convenient transportation, light weight and other characteristics. Particularly suitable for: chemical, pesticide, medicine, cosmetics and other packaging products, especially cosmetics ideal packaging products. It is a green environmental protection products.

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