3 Reasons You Love Roll-On Perfume Bottles

3 Reasons You Love Roll-On Perfume Bottles

We use water every day, but in addition to the big package perfume, did you know that there is another roll-on perfume? Don't underestimate its ultra-light size, in fact, the roller-ball perfume bottle is absolutely small and big, so let's get to know it soon.

1. Roll-on perfume bottles to carry with you when you travel

Whether it's going out to play or going on a business trip, I believe that most of the luggage follows the principle of minimalism. The fewer things you bring, the better, especially the heavy and not so important beauty products like perfume. Many people even I will choose to give up, but if you try a simple, convenient and compact roll-on perfume bottle, you may fall in love with using perfume from now on. You can easily put it in your small bag, and you can take it out as long as you feel that the fragrance is dissipated. Repaint.

2. Diversified styles of roll-on perfume bottles

Compared with expensive large-packed perfumes, if you can't decide on certain scents when you choose perfumes at the counter, then the best way is to buy the corresponding roll-on perfume bottle packaging, because you must know that many perfumes will mix with your body odor and create The smell is unique to you. If you rashly buy a large package and go back, but find that you don't like this fragrance very much, isn't it a waste of resources? So taking these into account, you can buy a small roll-on perfume bottle first, and then buy a large one after you decide on the taste.

3. Exquisite packages of roll-on perfume bottles

Compared to those well-crafted formal perfumes, the design of roller-ball perfume bottles is generally simpler, but when you put many bottles of roller-ball perfume together at the same time, there will be many unexpected ideas, you can use them as a room or The decoration on the desk will also play a good decorative effect.

B.I. INDUSTRIAL's roll-on perfume bottles are available in volumes from 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 8ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml to 100ml. Roller balls can be made of plastic, glass and steel according to customer needs. Our fragrance sets also have a variety of cap options, including all-plastic or metal caps. Roll-on perfume bottles can be painted, metallic UV, printed and hot stamped to reveal the identity of the perfume. Perfume packaging can be filled with perfume oil, which is another advantage, as the oil is inherently more concentrated than normal perfume, and most spray pumps don't work because the oil is too thick.

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