Fine Mist Sprayer

Fine Mist Sprayer

In order to meet the needs of growth of pharmaceutical and perfume industry, industry of fine mist sprayer has gradually been improved in molding, equipment, processing and quality controling after more than ten years, and has formed a large-scale production.

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With the continuous expansion of market demands, many small factories in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Guangdong have been involved in production and sales of fine mist sprayer.

Classification of fine mist sprayer;

1. Normal standard pump. When the pump is pressed by hand, the contect inside of container can be sprayed out under the action of force. When the pump is pressurized, the pressure speed and the force have an influence on the working state of the pump. For example, when the pressure is quickly enacted, the pump can achieve the best spray effect (such as fine mist droplets, large mist cones or the range is farther, etc.). 

2. Normal two-stage pump. The pump is equipped with a spherical ball seal and a plastic seal. 

3. modified two-stage pump. The operating principle of this type of pump is similar to the above-described normal two-stage pump with spherical ball seal and plastic seal. It is not structurally closed with a ball-shaped bead, but the principle of collar pressure sealing, and its performance is superior to the former. 

4. This type of pump has the same industrial principle as the third type of pump, but does not have a separate air supply passage, is completely sealed, is isolated from the atmosphere, and must be inflated. This type of pump is kind of metering pump. 

5. this kind of pump is similar to the two-stage pump. It is usually under non-inflated pressure condition. Once injecting gas into the tank, it will seal itself. 

6. this is a new pump system to improve the fifth type of pump. When the pump is in operation, the container is sealed only when the valve is depressed.

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