The Advantages of Glass Cosmetic Packaging

The Advantages of Glass Cosmetic Packaging

Among many glass cosmetic packaging, glass containers have the advantages of protecting the contents, good optical properties, can see the contents clearly, chemically inert, do not react with the contents (except alkaline contents), and do not produce unpleasant odors, airtight, good heat resistance, high compressive strength. Packaging containers of various shapes and colors can be produced during processing and molding, and the manufactured glass cosmetic packaging can also be frosted, colored printing, etc., and is still widely used.

Ⅰ. The product grade of the glass cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic packaging is the key to stimulating consumers' desire for cosmetics. With the diversification, personalization, and technological advancement of consumers, cosmetic packaging materials have also become colorful. Traditional glass cosmetic packaging has been greatly impacted. Glass containers are used for cream, lotion, perfume, toilet water, essence, etc., accounting for 50% of similar products. At the same time, this is also related to the grade of the product and the sales target. The mid-grade skincare products use glass bottles, and the low-end products use plastic bottles with novel shapes, which shows that this is also the key to improving the grade of glass containers.

Ⅱ. The design advantage of the glass cosmetic packaging

The key to the design of glass cosmetic packaging is to maintain and improve the basic function of protecting the contents, pursuing high function, multi-function and quality assurance. In the future development of glass packaging containers, it will meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, ensure quality, meet the requirements of cosmetic manufacturers for the matching requirements of glass container packaging and lids, meet the special hygiene requirements of the cosmetic industry for the glass cosmetic packaging, and at the same time, lightweight is an inevitable choice for glass bottles and jars for cosmetics in the development of a low-carbon economy.

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