Lip Stick Case

Lip Stick Case

Lip stick case is a container for Lip stick, lip blam, sticks. Normally, it's combined by 3 parts - cap, body, and holder. And the holder including cup, inner body, spiral, A-shell.

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The material for lipstick case can be plastic, aluminum or Zamac for luxury packaging.  Plastic can use ABS, ABS+SAN, SAN, PCTA, PMMA, PP. If the case needs to be coated, ABS and SAN are the best choices. PMMA is use for thick and transparent components. PCTA has a better result for Chemical resistance. PP material normally use for air tight request.

The outer case also can use Aluminum, after anodizing treatment, or multi-anodizing treatments, the surface will have different effect such as glossy, matt, embossed or debossed.  To increase the weight, most of the lipstick case will including the heavyweight part. There is much different decoration process. Hot stamping, hot transfer printing, silk screen, offset printing, U.V. coating, metallization, laser engraving.

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