How Much Does Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Influence Sales Performance?

How Much Does Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Influence Sales Performance?

Salespersons tend to recommend products with more delicate cosmetic packaging to customers who want to purchase cosmetics, and the cosmetic bottle also allows consumers to improve the trust in the product. Therefore, good cosmetic packaging will also bring a good sales share for the cosmetic industry! The most intuitive manifestation of the quality of cosmetics packaging is often whether the printing label is clear, whether the packaging bottle is delicate and whether the design is unique.

1. The personalized development of the cosmetic packaging industry

With the improvement of technology, the development of cosmetic packaging gradually highlights the characteristics of personalized display and innovation, the introduction and application of new technologies and processes, and the development and replacement of new environmental-friendly materials, etc. Also, safe and convenient cosmetic packaging will be more welcomed by the market.

2. The selection of the cosmetic packaging container

The majority of packaging containers for ordinary cosmetics and detergent products are made of high-density polyethylene. The materials used for plastic bottles are becoming more abundant to meet the packaging requirements of different products.

Since transparent containers allow consumers to clearly see the contents, consumers are increasingly demanding transparent containers. Transparent polypropylene is the main material to meet the requirement. In recent years, the development of the PP transparent packaging bottle has become a hot spot in plastic cosmetic bottles at home and abroad. Polypropylene containers with high transparency have good transparency and glossiness, and are highly appreciated and popular.

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