Analysis of Eight Reasons Affecting the Quality of Glass Cosmetics Packaging

Analysis of Eight Reasons Affecting the Quality of Glass Cosmetics Packaging

Now glass bottles and jars can be made into various shapes, as well as coatings, printing, etc. More and more modern technologies are being adopted. For example, frosting, coating, printing, hot stamping, pad printing, thermal transfer, etc. Make bottles and jars more beautiful. The eight reasons that affect the quality of glass cosmetic packaging have been summed up by  B.I. PACKAGING. Let's take a look with B.I. PACKAGING next.

(1) The glass bottle manufacturer tells you that when the glass blank falls into the initial mold, it cannot accurately enter the initial mold, and the friction with the mold wall is too large to form creases. 

(2) The scissors marks of the upper feeder are too large, and the scissors scars appear on the bottle body after individual bottles are formed.

(3) The initial mold and molding material of the glass wine bottle are poor, the density is not good, and the oxidation is too fast after high temperature, forming small pits on the surface of the mold, causing the surface of the glass wine bottle after molding to be not bright.

(4) The poor quality of the glass bottle mold oil will make the mold not smooth, the dripping speed will decrease, and the material type will be changed too quickly.

(5) The design of the initial mold of the glass wine bottle is unreasonable, and the mold cavity is large or small. After the material is dropped into the forming mold, it is blown and dispersed unevenly, which will make the glass wine bottle appear mottled.

(6) The machine dripping speed is not uniform, and the improper adjustment of the air nozzle will make the glass bottle initial mold and molding temperature uncoordinated, and simply make cold spots on the glass wine bottle body, which directly affects the brightness, thereby affecting the packaging quality of glass cosmetics.

(7) The glass material liquid in the kiln is not clean or the material temperature is uneven, which will also cause the output glass wine bottle to show bubbles, small particles, and small hemp billets.

(8) If the speed of the team is too fast or too slow, the bottle body of the glass wine bottle will be uneven, the thickness of the bottle wall will be different, and mottle will occur.

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