Cosmetic Packaging
Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic/makeup packaging wholesale or skin care packaging wholesale refers to packaging materials used to pack cosmetic contents such as custom makeup containers. According to the material, skincare packaging can be divided into 5 categories: plastic, glass, metal, paper and wood products.  The production process of plastic products includes injection molding, blow molding, and injection-blowing molding. The production process of glass products includes secondary processing of tube bottles, blow molding of molded bottles, and pressing of molded bottles.

The production processes of metal packaging include: punching, rolling, die casting, polishing, anodizing, water plating, vacuum plating. Most of the paper and wood products are outer packaging. Cosmetic packaging is rich in color and varied in shape, and its printing processes include: offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping, thermal transfer printing, water transfer printing, laser engraving and so on.  Common capacities of cosmetic packaging wholesale range from 0.5ml to, 2000ml, which is suitable for all types of requirements.

Why choose Bi Packaging Cosmetic Containers Wholesale for Your Brand ?

Wide Product Range:
Bi Packaging offers a variety of materials and design options to cater to different types of cosmetics. Whether it's cosmetic glass bottle, cosmetic plastic tube, or eco-friendly materials, they provide suitable packaging options.

Quality Assurance:
Committed to delivering high-quality packaging materials, Bi Packaging ensures that your products remain safe, fresh, and visually appealing in their packaging. Sampling options may be available for you to assess the quality before making bulk purchases.

Customization Services:
As one if the professional custom cosmetic packaging manufacturers, Bi Packaging provides personalized packaging solutions to meet the unique requirements of your brand. This includes printing your brand logo and information, as well as accommodating other custom design requests.

Environmentally Friendly Choices:
If your brand prioritizes sustainability, Bi Packaging may offer eco-friendly packaging options, aligning with modern consumer preferences for environmentally conscious products.

Reliable Customer Service:
With a dedicated customer service team, Bi Packaging ensures timely responses to your inquiries, addressing potential issues promptly and building a strong and reliable partnership.

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