What is the Production Process of Glass Cosmetic Jars

What is the Production Process of Glass Cosmetic Jars

How to make glass cosmetic jars? There are various molds when producing various bulk glass perfume bottles, which can help us to produce glass bottles more quickly. Today, I will tell you the production process of glass cosmetic jars wholesale.

The first step is to design the drawing: give the sample cosmetic glass bottle or the size to the designer who designs the drawing of the whole machine;

The second step is sand casting blank: cast the blanks of various components according to the drawings;

The third step is milling flat by milling machine: mill the occlusal surface of the mold into a plane through the milling machine;

The fourth step is to make all the components at the same time: all the staffs and lathes in the workshop work together to perform specific tasks necessary to its operation; Some staffs make a prototype, some make a die head (that is, the end of the mold). After the first pass is completed, some staffs are going to do the second pass (the end of the mold bottle). Staffs work in making bulkheads, funnels, pumps and dies (after completing dies, some staffs will do the core or punch and cooler);

The fifth step is carving: after the second pass of the mold is completed, put the finished mold or the first model on the carving lathe, and according to the designed procedure, 99% of the work will be automatically completed by carving, which saves time and effort and won't make mistakes.

The sixth step is polishing: use sandpaper to sand the first model and finished model from the carving;

The seventh step is assembling: gather the finished components on each production line, and combine the loose parts into finished parts;

The eighth step is drilling and grooving: all finished components are individually punched or vented/cooled according to the drawings.

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