The Design of Perfume Bottle Packaging Reflects the Positioning and Value of Perfume

The Design of Perfume Bottle Packaging Reflects the Positioning and Value of Perfume

The perfume bottle packaging design can reflect the positioning and value of perfume. when buying a perfume, whether its packaging design could express one's taste and aesthetics determines its possibility of being bought. Perfume as a fashion product, especially the one defined by France, a country of perfume, reflects more on the taste of fashion and romance, and conveys a simple and liberal lifestyle.

Therefore, the perfume packaging design should be considered from the following three aspects: the design should reflect perfume temperament, brand characteristics, and be unique and outstanding to attract consumers.

As to positioning of packaging and consumer, perfumes mainly include men's and women's perfumes. and usually the prices of brand perfume are generally high. However, the perfume packaging market also needs some low-priced products, and their style and fragrance are determind by the first impression of packaging design. For example, the packaging design of Victoria Rose's classic fragrance packaging design. Its whole packaging design combines the color of the product itself with the color of lavender to form a unique style which is very impressive.

Perfume is a high-quality symbol of life, and the packaging material of the product is also very important. Especially the perfume bottle packaging design is particularly important. It should be a hint and guidance for users to know the characteristics of the product, suitable using environment, aesthetic considerations, and operation. The perfume bottle is a three-dimensional container, so the custom perfume bottles packaging design should make efforts to make every detail perfect, including the perfume bottle cap, bottle body, and base and so on.

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