Perfume Bottle Design with a Sense of Luxury and Elegance

Perfume Bottle Design with a Sense of Luxury and Elegance

In the world of perfume, vision is as important a criterion as smell. Before the customer smells the perfume, it is the bottle that gives her the most direct sensory experience. The visual impact brought by the beautifully designed perfume bottle often grabs the customer's heart before the olfactory temptation.

This also confirms the old saying in the French perfume industry: "A beautifully designed perfume bottle is the best salesman of perfume." In the process of visually moving the sense of smell, the perfume that is easy to dissipate can only be perfected when it is wrapped in a unique bottle. "No container can hold so many emotions and memories like a perfume bottle", but it is a common feeling among consumers that no other product can make a container as delicate as perfume. Perfume bottles can always blend the beauty of the brand into subtleties, and perfume bottles have long ceased to play the simple role of containers.

1. Perfume bottles have always been the most effective advertisements for perfumes

The beautifully designed perfume bottle was originally designed to accurately express the intangible temperament and charm contained in the perfume through the tangible shape design. However, in front of some perfume bottles, the purchase behavior is not even related to whether you understand your own temperament or whether you can control a certain fragrance type, it is only related to the feeling of beauty. Faced with a beautiful bottle, even French women with deep perfume accumulation cannot completely refuse. Therefore, in countries where perfume consumption has just started, the role of the bottle in the purchase of perfume is more prominent.

Therefore, perfume brands will naturally not let go of the bottle design that is enough for consumers to pay for it, and adjust product lines for different consumer groups to impress more potential customers. In fact, to convey affection between perfumes and consumers, and to arouse consumers' love and recognition, perfume bottle designers seem to have rules to follow. The bottle design for different genders is the most basic separation. The soft, complex and delicately designed female fragrance bottle caters to the sensitive and delicate visual judgment of women, while the straight line, slightly heavy and rigorous male fragrance bottle has become the standard to attract men.

2. The perfume bottle is the communicator of the brand

Perfume bottle design can give consumers the feeling that cannot escape the influence of personal preference. In fact, returning to the original intention of perfume bottle design, how to concretize perfume is what the perfume bottle needs to do in the first place. The bottle and the perfume complement each other, and the shape of the bottle interprets the perfume in a substantial sense.

3. The details of the perfume bottle design are refined

The design of the perfume bottle has long been as important as the perfume itself. Although all luxury brands have their own perfume products, most brand companies' perfumes are not developed and produced by their own perfume departments, but outsource the perfume production process to a special fragrance group, which is only a relationship between the brand and the fragrance group. It is not as simple as simple outsourcing cooperation.

The work of the bottle designer also started at the same time. Before designing, the bottle designer will communicate with the brand perfume. On the basis of determining the basic fragrance type, the perfume bottle designer's job is to follow the brand's requirements, integrate the brand's concept into the bottle, and transform the sense of smell into vision. Bottle designers also need to communicate with other product designers of the brand to draw inspiration from traditional product designs.

In fact, in recent years, perfume brands have invariably increased the cost of perfume bottles. In the production process of traditional perfume, the research and development cost of perfume accounts for more than 50% of the total cost of perfume, and the design of perfume bottle now accounts for 20% to 30%. From the brand's point of view, this large proportion of cost input is often worth the money.

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