Advantages of Airless Pump Bottles Cosmetics

Advantages of Airless Pump Bottles Cosmetics

Air pumps are increasingly used in cosmetic products, especially in skin care products.

Although consumers may not know what a vacuum pump is, for them, they can feel the conveniences of the product.

With its unique design features, airless pump bottles cosmetic have the following advantages:

1. The contents are not in contact with air, which is one of the biggest advantages of vacuum pump bottle cosmetics.

Because cosmetics do not contact with air, the oxidation of products can be avoided. On the other hand, less preservatives are added to cosmetics.

2. Since the airless pump bottles wholesale produced by airless pump bottle suppliers use a scraper piston design, the residual rate of the product is relatively low, generally below 5%.

For more expensive cosmetics, such as essence and eye cream, it will undoubtedly reduce waste.

Especially when the visible bottle is selected, the wall of the vacuum bottle is always kept clean,

while the general lotion pump with a straw is used, the product remains on the bottle wall, which does not look very beautiful.

3. No limitation of using angle. Vacuum pump bottle cosmetics can be used 360 degrees.

The current design trend of pump bodies is to use simple integrated designs to replace the functions of these conventional components, which can decrease fewer materials but achieve the same functions. Replacing the function of metal spring is a very important step. Because the carbon emission of metal spring recycling is relatively high. At the same time, metal springs are easier to rust in some sensitive cosmetics, which seriously affects the quality of cosmetics.

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