Glass Bottle

Glass Bottle

Glass material is one of the most incredible and useful materials for custom perfume bottles, and it is an environmentally friendly material provided by perfume bottle manufacturer B.I. Packaging. B.I. Packaging offers a premium range of custom perfume bottles, setting the standard as one of the leading perfume bottle manufacturers.                    

Products Description

Custom Perfume bottles are generally available in four neck sizes, they are FEA 13, FEA 15, FEA 18, FEA 20, the common capacity is 30ML, 50ML, 100ML.  There are many kinds of decorations, such as frosting, coating, screen printing, stamping (gold, silver), pad printing, transfer printing, hand polish, glassand fire polish...etc. The fire polish of custom perfume bottles is adapted to have a very clear & high-quality surface when its required by our clients.

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