The Evolution of Perfume Bottles Design: A Unique Sensory Experience

The Evolution of Perfume Bottles Design: A Unique Sensory Experience

Many people believe that when buying perfume, the first thing they notice is the bottle, followed by the scent. When passing by perfume counters, it feels like visiting a small museum. In the past, we could feel the changes of the times through the unique designs of the perfume bottles.

In 1905, perfume bottles were mainly made of crystal

In the first decade of the 20th century, with the changes of the times and the peak period of art style, most of the perfume bottle designs were extravagant and complicated. In 1905, the material of perfume bottles was mainly made of crystal. Gold letters and brass bottle caps were used as decorations, and cork stoppers were used to prevent the scent from leaking out. When used, the stopper could be directly applied to the wrist and neck.

The appearance of spray perfume bottles

In 1907, the first spray perfume appeared. This perfume sprayer was called "perfumizers," which transformed liquid perfume into a fine spray. With the birth of the sprayer, a new industry emerged, perfume bottle manufacturers manufactured various decorative empty bottles with spraying functions. Perfume bottles had graceful curves, and the tops were embellished with several glass flowers. In those days, spray perfume bottles were very expensive.

The packaging design of perfume bottles becomes more international

In 1920, with the First World War, American soldiers brought perfume back from overseas to give to their loved ones, resulting in increased demand for perfume. With the increase in perfume sales, American perfume companies flourished, and the perfume bottle packaging also kept up with fashion trends, with new perfume bottle designs emerging constantly. With the change of perfume bottle packaging design, the scent became more and more international. Compared to the taste and fancy and complicated bottle packaging concepts before, more fashionable and urban design inspirations emerged.

In 1930, as the financial crisis hit, perfume sales plummeted like never before. Many perfume manufacturers worldwide were forced to close, resulting in the disappearance of rare perfume bottles temporarily. They were replaced by simple and inexpensive bottles. Perfume companies chose high-volume, low-cost bottles and created eye-catching packaging designs.

In 1940, due to the end of World War II in the mid-1940s, creative perfume bottle packaging designs began to make a comeback, but the styles became more uniform, which had never been seen over the past decade. The war came at an inopportune time, ending the glass-blowing industry, but people's desire for art perfume bottles increased. Perfume makers found a way to meet the demand of citizens for perfume by creating exquisitely shaped molds, which allowed these beautiful bottles to be mass-produced using machines. At this time, companies often launched the same beautiful bottle designs; different brands were differentiated through personalized designs, such as painting or decorating the bottle with metal or plastic products.

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