Perfume Cap (Surlyn)

Perfume Cap (Surlyn)

The perfume cap made by surlyn material is a type of perfume caps, which is mainly made of surlyn resin mainly produced by DuPont. Surlyn resin has the following excellent features: good impact resistance at low temperatures, good resistance to abrasion and scraping, good chemical resistance, and extremely transparence. All of These excellent characteristics are particularly suitable for the production of perfume cap and custom perfume bottles.

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Compared to other plastic materials, surlyn resin can provide better color purity, translucent glass effect, and marble effect with colored stripes. When surlyn resin is injected with water, it can get a magic bubble effect with great visual impact. At the same time, surlyn resin has excellent injection moldability and mold reading ability, which means that the smallest details on the mold can be designed, and it can also be accurately restored to achieve a wonderful design!

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