The Advantages of the Surlyn Perfume Cap

The Advantages of the Surlyn Perfume Cap

The surlyn perfume cap is made of surlyn resin. The surlyn resin is an ionic polymer based on ethylene-methacrylic acid, which is synthesized by a unique process. It can be used in many fields, such as food and cosmetic packaging, consumer goods and industrial products, providing a better, healthier and safer life to the people all over the world.

The main characteristics of surlyn perfume cap are:

Excellent low temperature impact toughness
Excellent wear and throw resistance
Excellent anti-chemical properties
Transparent, clear, soft and luxurious
Excellent Melt Strength (Tensile Cracking under Melting)

Tough and transparent surlyn resin provides superior sealing integrity for packaging industry. Its low temperature sealing ability, excellent thermal bonding strength and the most extensive sealing range in the industry make sarin become a reliable choice to solve leakage, improve packaging line speed, seal the over-contamination things, cope with the difficult sealing conditions and improve efficiency. Excellent surlyn resin is suitable for high efficiency film blowing and extrusion coating process, cosmetics packaging, body-fitted packaging and golf ball sports equipment, or as modifier in other plastics. The surlyn perfume cap has a tiny place in the perfume cap.
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