Perfume Cap (Wood)

Perfume Cap (Wood)

Perfume wooden perfume caps are made by the real wood material, and assemble with PP inner. The wood material can be choosing by customer, including China local wood, Ash tree and other imported wood. 

Products Description

Wood can be done by paint with different color, customer can choose natural, brown and black color normally. And wood cap can make the shape in square, rectangle and cylinder etc…Wood cap can be done with laser groove, it is good to show brand name on that. Plus the wood can be done with printing, all the possibility above make wood cap have a particular group customer are looking at…One thing make perfume with wooden cap so popular nowadays, as wood material can be one of material for perfume itself, it is referring the natural products, and bring the perfume kind of my serious. Especially, wood is one important element to modulate expensive perfume. Perfume cap (Wood) produced by custom cosmetic packaging manufacturers make customer think it is a rich product.

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