Several Trends in Cosmetic Packaging

Several Trends in Cosmetic Packaging

1. Fresh and attractive

In the past, most cosmetic products were completely wrapped up by packaging, and consumers could only see diagrams and illustrations on the packaging box to imagine the connotation of the product. Generally you will also see a line of small letters, saying " Pictures are for reference only, subject to our available products".

Nowadays, with the concept of healthy and organic coming in, consumers are becoming more and more important, and businesses have also grasped the customer's psychology. The "intrinsic cost" of goods on the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores is becoming more and more. Therefore, retailers have started to display the products themselves inside the packaging in various ways, trying to convey fresh and natural information. For example, through the simple and beautiful fresh fruit packaging, the production process of cosmetics is integrated into the fragrance packaging.

2. Environmental direction

In the choice of cosmetic design elements, "sustainable packaging", which simply means "biodegradable and recyclable", will never go out of fashion and is very attractive to consumers.

3. Monochrome fashion

Brands will modernize their packaging to re-engage younger consumers to look at aisles that are less frequented. In this context, when designing packaging for premium products, it is important to consider how to convey the product's message to consumers in the quickest way possible, so that one color can make consumers remember one brand.

In the application of color, it is necessary to make full use of the texture of the material; while consumers would like to feel simple, the things behind it are not simple, such as creating a metallic shine or a matte texture, in order to convey the product information. In addition, using very bright colors to do some color blocking can also give people a simple and fashionable feeling.

4. Technology packaging

For consumers, if cosmetic packaging can help extend the shelf life of cosmetics, it can also avoid unnecessary waste. The packaging of cosmetics is moving towards diversification of functions, such as QR codes and block-chain anti-counterfeiting etc.

5. Retro packaging

In front of a wide range of cosmetics, most consumers wandering in and out of a store are likely to stop at an interesting product, pick it up and take a look at it before deciding whether to buy it or not. At this point, a different kind of cosmetic packaging is especially important. For example, vintage packaging design, through the use of new technologies and materials, as well as having some resonance about the era of vintage packaging, is enough to evoke memories of old times and satiate the curiosity of a younger generation who are eager to explore the past. That's why it's important to have unexpected vintage packaging, which can be a powerful tool to catch the eye in a wide range of cosmetics.

6. Romantic style

In recent years, dream-like romantic style packaging has won the hearts of consumers with strong decorative colors or patterns as a form of expression, which can win the hearts of girls.

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