How to Reasonably Choose Plastic Tube Cosmetic Packaging?

How to Reasonably Choose Plastic Tube Cosmetic Packaging?

1. The importance of plastic tube cosmetic packaging quality

In the cosmetics industry, packaging quality is the second life of products. According to the characteristics of cosmetics and sales situation and other factors, choosing suitable plastic tube cosmetic packaging can make cosmetics more attractive under the high-quality packaging.

Ⅱ. How to reasonably choose plastic tube cosmetic packaging?

1. Hygiene and safety

Cosmetics are in direct contact with the human body, which imposes high hygiene and safety requirements on their packaging. For plastic tube cosmetic packaging, it should be controlled from the aspects of raw material safety (raw material particles must comply with relevant laws and regulations, such as FDA and SGS certification), production process, production environment, etc. to ensure the hygienic safety of the cosmetics inside.

2. Protection

Packaging materials should have sufficient mechanical strength, a certain degree of barrier properties, chemical resistance, weather resistance, etc., to prevent cosmetics from causing quality problems during filling, storage and transportation.

(1) Mechanical properties

Generally speaking, plastic tube cosmetic packaging must have a certain degree of stiffness to ensure that the overall shape of the product is intact; at the same time, it also needs to have good resilience to ensure that it can return to its original shape after being squeezed. However, under the same material composition and the same thickness, stiffness and resilience are a pair of contradictions. Only by taking both into account can we meet customer needs.

(2) Barrier performance

Commonly used barrier materials for plastic tube cosmetic packaging include aluminum foil, EVOH, oxide-coated PET and nylon. The barrier properties vary depending on the selected material and thickness.

(3) Chemical resistance and weather resistance

The material selected for plastic tube cosmetic packaging should have resistance to chemical corrosion of the contents, including oil resistance, grease resistance, and acid resistance. The matrix resin can be optimized according to actual conditions and needs to meet the requirements of use, such as HDPE has better chemical resistance compared to LDPE.

3. Operability

In order to facilitate printing and packaging operations and to adapt to mechanized operations, plastic tube cosmetic packaging should have good printing adaptability, heat sealing performance and packaging machine adaptability.

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