The Strategy of Cosmetic Packaging Design

The Strategy of Cosmetic Packaging Design

Like any kind of commodity, cosmetics need to be sold in packaging, and they rely heavily on packaging. It is not only the particularity of cosmetic ingredients that determine the need for reasonable packaging to protect the safety and stability of the product, but also because the cosmetic itself is a special product that carries people's desire to beautify themselves.

In order to achieve a successful design effect, we need to systematically structure the Perfume bottles and packaging design.

1. Brand Positioning

Brand positioning refers to the brand establishes their own market position or the psychological position of consumers according to the needs of the target market and the psychological needs of the target consumers, to determine a distinctive proposition for the brand. And the proposition should have a huge attraction to the target consumers and can establish a unique market position.

In the process of establishing this status, a representative carrier is needed for the brand. Cosmetic bottle design can be this carrier because it can enable consumers to recognize the brand's value concept and product quality through visual channels. After clarifying the brand's positioning, packaging design can be targeted, can serve the brand more effectively, and become a meaningful design.

2. Series planning

There are an unprecedented variety of cosmetics, and consumers have more and more choices. It is necessary for a company to classify and design product packaging through the efficacy and ingredients of the product to facilitate consumers to identify and purchase cosmetics. When the product packaging is classification designed, it mainly consider the changes in the shape, color, bottle stickers and other elements of the packaging. And the combination methods can be used for the design of cosmetic bottles of series products as following:

① Same shape, different colors. The implementation of this design scheme can be used for cosmetics with similar efficacy but different usage time.

② Same shape and color. Bottle stickers with the same design style, but one or several design elements on the bottle stickers are changed and implemented. This design scheme is usually used for a series of cosmetics with the same function but different ingredients.

③ Complementary shape container. The implementation of this design scheme is mostly used for the products with supporting functions.

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