Advantages of PET Plastic Bottles in Cosmetic Packaging

Advantages of PET Plastic Bottles in Cosmetic Packaging

Ⅰ. PET plastic bottles are widely used in cosmetic packaging

PET plastic bottles are cheap, transparent, airtight, and easy to mold with good compressive strength. They not only solve the bottle shape design, safety, transportation and other issues of glass containers, but also avoid the shape design and opacity of metal containers. Many of the above characteristics make PET plastic bottles more and more widely used in cosmetic packaging.

Ⅱ. Advantages of PET plastic bottles in cosmetic packaging

1. PET plastic bottles are better than frosted glass cosmetic bottles in safety;

2. PET plastic bottles are light in weight, convenient for long-distance transportation of products, and can save transportation costs for cosmetics companies;

3. The portability of PET plastic bottled cosmetics is better than that of glass bottles, and it can adapt to the young people's mentality of seeking novelty and difference;

4. PET plastic bottles can improve the appearance image of high-end cosmetics;

5. The flexibility of PET bottle type and capacity selection is large, and products with different bottle types and capacities can be produced, and the variety of products is enriched.

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