Soulful Perfume Bottle Design

Soulful Perfume Bottle Design

Perfume is favored by many women, so it is necessary to pay attention to the method of perfume bottle design. A well-designed and stylish perfume bottle can also make the brand remembered by many people, which will help boost the popularity of perfume sales.

1. Coordination of perfume bottle design and perfume bottle packaging

A good perfume should also have a unique perfume bottle shape and perfume bottle packaging to form an organic unity, which can bring people a noble and elegant feeling. Although the aroma in the air cannot be retained through the packaging, a good perfume bottle design will make people feel the aroma in the air. The shape, color, structure, text, and supporting images of perfume bottle packaging can impress the audience's olfactory habits, as if they can distinguish the scent of perfume in the air.

2. Perfume bottle design market

Women are not the only fragrance clientele, male fragrances occupy 2/5 of the shelves abroad. Therefore, the male fragrance bottles market cannot be ignored. Men's and women's perfume bottle packaging is also very different, which can be distinguished from the outer packaging, shape and color.

The design and packaging of women's glass bottle cosmetic packaging should conform to the characteristics of the perfume itself in terms of bottle type, color and outer packaging design. For example, some feminine fragrances can express romance, tenderness and sensuality, while others seek elegance, decency, delicacy, tranquility, harmony. Furthermore, certain fragrances can express nobility and elegance, as well as innocence, loveliness, freshness, confidence and happiness.

Now, everyone has a basic understanding of perfume bottle design, coordination of perfume bottle packaging, and other related knowledge. The design of the bottle should reflect the concepts of fashion, innocence and confidence to make it a soulful fragrance.

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