What Are the Making Material of Cosmetic Bottle

What Are the Making Material of Cosmetic Bottle

Nowadays, there are more and more types, styles and materials of cosmetic bottles. This is mainly because of the fierce competition in the cosmetics market, cosmetic packaging manufacturers have higher and higher requirement for the packaging of cosmetic bottles. In order to make the products stand out, more and more styles are required for the packaging of cosmetics bottles. Moreover, the development of cosmetic bottle packaging technology makes the styles of cosmetic bottle more and more abundant.

Now, let's see the materials of cosmetics bottles.

Firstly, glass cosmetic jars wholesale, with high-end appearance, are the most mainstream form of packaging in the cosmetic bottle market. However, the price of glass cosmetic bottles packaging is generally high.

Second, PET cosmetic bottles. The appearance of PET materials is transparent, which can create various types. Thus, in recent years, the market of PET cosmetic bottles has developed rapidly; moreover, PE cosmetic bottles packaging, latex bottles and many other cosmetic bottles will use this form of packaging, and the color of them is mainly white and opaque.

Then, metal cosmetic bottles, which are generally more high-end, usually have higher costs.

Finally, the ceramic cosmetic bottles packaging. In order to reflect the texture, many cosmetics will adopt this form of packaging.

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