The Design of Plastic Roll on Bottles

The Design of Plastic Roll on Bottles

The rollerball bottle? Certainly most of us haven't seen many of that. So what is a rollerball bottle? It is a bottle with a ball on the bottle mouth. When it is used, the liquid leaks from around the ball.

The bottom of the plastic roll on bottleis generally designed to be concave; The corners and the concave part of the rollerball bottle are all made with larger arcs. In order to facilitate the stacking of rollerball bottles, the bottom of the rollerball bottles should be designed with internal grooves to help the mouth of the roll on perfume bottles to match the lid better. Therefore, the bottom is thick, which is beneficial to further enhance the load-bearing strength of the plastic roller bottle. That's why the bottom of the rollerball bottle should be designed to be concave.

When we put the label on the plastic roll on bottle, we must keep it flat. The printing surface of the roll on bottle is where the consumers pay the most attention to. The printing surface should be smooth and continuous; If the roll on bottle contains handles, grooves, ribs or other structures,  extra attention should be paid to design in order to avoid causing incovenience of printing operation. Because most of the glass has notch sensitivity, so cracks are easily to occur at sharp corners, the root of the mouth thread, the neck and other parts. That's also why these parts should be designed with rounded corners.

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