Perfume Bottle Packaging Design with Soul

Perfume Bottle Packaging Design with Soul

Perfume is the thing that a lot of females like. So it is important to focus on the perfume bottle packaging design. A delicately designed and fashionable perfume bottle can make many people remember this brand, and it will also help to increase the popularity of perfume sales.

A good perfume should also have a unique perfume bottle shape and packaging to form an organic unity, giving people a sense of nobility and elegance. The aroma and smell in the air cannot be retained through the packaging, but a good design will make people feel the smell in the air. The shape, color, structure, text, and auxiliary image design of the perfume packaging can impress the olfactory habits of the viewers, as if they can distinguish the smell of perfume in the air. 

Women are not the only customer group for perfumes. Men's perfume occupies 2/5 of the shelf, so the market for men's perfume cannot be ignored. There are also big differences in the packaging of male and female perfumes, which can be distinguished from the outer packaging, shape, and color.

The packaging design should conform to the characteristics of the perfume in terms of bottle shape, color, or outer packaging design. For example, some women use perfume to express romance, gentleness, and sexiness, while some men pursue elegance, decentness, delicacy, tranquility, and harmony; some people express nobility and elegance while some pursue purity, loveliness, freshness, confidence and happiness.

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