Airless Bottles

Airless Bottles

Airless pump bottles wholesale is a popular cosmetic packaging container in recent years, mainly used in day cream, night cream, sunscreen, toner, BB cream, eye cream, protector, and skin care products with specific effects, such as anti-wrinkle essence, whitening emulsion, and so on. 

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The biggest advantage of airless pump bottles wholesale , provided by airless cosmetic bottle suppliers and manufacturers , is that it can isolate the content inside the bottle from the air, to prevent the contents from oxidizing, deteriorating and breeding bacteria due to contact with air. Present airless bottle in the market basically consists of a cylindrical container-bottle, a plastic piston inside the bottle body, and a pump head at the bottle mouth.

The working principle is to pump out the contents inside the bottle body by pressing the pump head at the bottle mouth, meanwhile, the piston moves upwards inside the bottle body under the action of the external atmospheric pressure to fill the empty volume of the bottle body caused by pumping out the contents. Our airless bottles are currently available in 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml. Moreover, as one of the leading airless pump bottle suppliers, our company has also developed two-tube models-the bottle body contains two individual tubes, which is suitable for two different contents in one bottle. And these two different contents can be pumped separately, or separately pumped out and mixed immediately to obtain a new mixture. The airless bottle is generally made of AS/PP material, so it can be printed, hot stamped...etc. to achieve a good appearance.

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