Unable to Sell Your Product? Learn from This Clever Perfume Bottle Design

Unable to Sell Your Product? Learn from This Clever Perfume Bottle Design

To attract the attention of consumers, businesses are increasingly emphasizing packaging design. However, every time I see those exquisite packaging designs being thrown away, I feel a bit regretful.

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Good perfume bottle design makes the packaging more practical

We cannot expect businesses to stop using packaging altogether, but can they put more thought and creativity into packaging design to make it reusable? This would increase the product's appeal to consumers.

Perhaps businesses are not aware that many people are already doing this, such as using a tin box for candy to hold loose change or tying a ribbon around a wine bottle to use it as a vase.

If businesses can find a perfume bottle manufacturer worthy of trust to create creative perfume bottles, and find ways to help people better use product packaging during the design process, it should benefit both sales and brand recognition.

Recently, We saw a Mexican perfume company , their perfume bottle packaging design was very impressive.

perfume bottles

Cosmetic packaging bottle are usually very exquisite, but people often have to discard them after use as they cannot think of any other use for them.

However, this Mexican perfume brand called Xinú has designed their perfume bottles to be used as both vases and incense burners after use.

Xinú's perfume bottle features minimalistic design elements and is made of glass and wood, forming a geometrically symmetrical structure.

Each half of the cosmetic bottle wholesale can be interconnected with the wooden part, allowing for them to be assembled into a decorative sculpture as a vase or incense burner after the perfume is used up.

Stimulate consumer purchasing desire through perfume bottle design

glass perfume bottles

brilliant island

The cleverness of this design does not lie in discovering the reuse value of the bottle through design, but in increasing people's repurchase rate and making them unable to resist buying more.

Because a perfume bottle has only two components, if you want to create a decoration by connecting them, multiple components may be required.

For example, this minimalist vase made by connecting three wooden components requires at least three perfume bottles, as one perfume bottle only has one wooden component.

Similarly, this incense burner made by connecting four wooden components requires at least four perfume bottles.

In terms of cosmetic packaging wholesale, designing something that can help users reuse the packaging once the product has been used is a very smart design.

Like a shopping bag called "Never Wasted", which has various patterns on the paper bag, people can cut and fold the bag according to the paper strips and make various small items that they need in their daily lives, such as folding desk calendars, pen holders, card holders, bookmarks, bank card holders, and so on. They even offer a desktop game map and accompanying dice, and each item features the logo of the company, greatly enhancing the brand image.

The perfume bottle design introduced today is even more innovative, as it not only can be used but also encourages people to buy more products.

Product designs made with this approach are also very easy to attract more consumers to interact and form a network community, thereby enhancing user loyalty.

For example, with this perfume bottle, people can not only make vases and incense burners as recommended by the makeup packaging manufacturers but also use their own creativity to create more innovative works. This makes it easy to form a community and attract a group of users to discuss and exchange ideas.

If the company does some guiding, such as setting up some creative awards to reward consumers who make good works with perfume bottles, it will definitely achieve better publicity and sales effects.

The thinking behind this perfume bottle design is worth all product managers learning and applying to their own product designs.

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