Unique Perfume Bottle Design Can Increase Product Sales

Unique Perfume Bottle Design Can Increase Product Sales

In order to attract the attention of consumers, merchants pay more and more attention to packaging design, and every time I see those beautiful packaging being discarded, I feel a little pity. We can't ask merchants not to use packaging, which is impossible, but can merchants spend some thought and creativity on packaging design, so that these packaging can be cleverly reused, which will also increase the attractiveness of products to consumers.

If merchants can think more about whether they can help people make better use of product packaging when designing product packaging, it should be beneficial to the promotion of product sales and the establishment of brands. The cosmetic packaging wholesale design is generally very beautiful, but most of the perfume bottles that are used up can only be thrown away, because they really can't think of other uses.

1. Styles of the perfume bottle packaging design

After the perfume bottle is used up, it can be used as a vase and a censer. The perfume bottle packaging design adopts a minimalist design style. The perfume bottle is composed of two parts, glass and wood, in a geometrically symmetrical structure. Each half of the glass and wood parts can be connected to each other so that when the perfume is used up, it can be joined together to form a sculptural ornament, serving as a vase and incense burner. The ingeniousness of this design is not to discover the reuse value of the bottle body through design, but to increase the repurchase rate of people, making people unable to resist buying and buying.

2. Structural components of perfume bottle packaging design

Because cosmetic bottle wholesale design has only two parts, multiple parts may be required to form an ornament by splicing it together. For example, this spliced minimalist vase requires three wooden components, while a perfume bottle has only one wooden component. In order to spliced into this vase, people have to buy at least three bottles of perfume. Another example is the incense burner, which requires four wooden components. In order to splicing into such an incense burner, people have to buy at least four bottles of perfume. In terms of product packaging, it is a very clever design to be able to do some design to help users reuse the packaging after using up the product.

Such as folding small desk calendar, pen holder, card holder, bookmark, bank card holder and so on. You can even find a table game map and matching dice, and each little thing has the company's logo, which greatly enhances the brand image. And the perfume bottle design is even better, the perfume bottle design not only can be used, but also can promote people to buy more products. The product design made with this idea is also very easy to attract more consumer interaction and form an online community, thereby enhancing user loyalty. Click here for cosmetic bottles supplier.

3. The creativity of perfume bottle packaging design

For example, cosmetic packaging bottle, people can not only make vases and incense burners as recommended by the company, but also use their own creativity to splicing out more creative works, so that it is easy to form a community and attract a group of users to communicate and discuss their own creative. If the company does some guidance, such as setting up some creative awards to reward consumers who have made good works with perfume bottles, it will definitely achieve better publicity and sales results. This idea of perfume bottle design is worth learning from all product managers and applying them to their own product design.

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