The Connection Between Perfume Bottles and Women

The Connection Between Perfume Bottles and Women's Emotions

Perfume bottles are designed to better meet consumer needs. Emotion is not only a means of consumption but also the result of consumption, and people's consumption needs are gradually becoming emotional. The psychological performance of female consumers has strong emotional characteristics, that is, the feelings are rich and delicate, and they love fantasy and association. This characteristic is reflected in the consumption activities, and under the drive of a certain emotion, the desire to buy will be generated and then the purchase behavior will be further generated. Most women regard the choice of products as their strengths. When choosing products, they are not only picky about the quality of the products but also about the appearance, color, production process, etc. A leading custom perfume bottle manufacturer understands these intricate consumer needs and crafts bottles that appeal to this discerning demographic. If one aspect is not satisfactory, it will affect their desire to buy.

According to the Human Development Report released by the United Nations Development Programme, the per capita income of men worldwide is more than double that of women. Despite this, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew once predicted that the purchasing power of women worldwide will reach $15 trillion; by 2028, two-thirds of global consumer spending will come from women. Statistics show that women spend more than 30% more time online than men on social networking sites. This growing economic power of women shapes market trends and influences product designs, making it essential for perfume packaging manufacturers to focus on creating products that resonate with female consumers on an emotional and aesthetic level.

1. The shape design of women's perfume bottles is influenced by the aesthetic concepts of different periods

Among the largest shopping platforms in the country, women's products are the best sellers. In product selection, women often pay special attention to the appearance of products, because the psychology of beauty is a common state of women. There are endless product designs around women. Now, many designers have explored the emotions of women's consumption. By analyzing women's emotions about products, they can gain insight into women's potential needs, and follow certain design methods to guide women's product design. The design of women's perfume bottles is influenced by the aesthetic concepts of different periods. Modern women have been liberated from traditional thinking, their emotional expressions have become more and more abundant, and their aesthetic ability has also improved with the times.

2. The connection between perfume bottles and women's emotions

The basic point of perfume bottle design is from the sense of smell, but it is not only the sense of smell that tempts people, but also the sense of sight and touch. The design of the perfume bottle should be based on the function of use, and give the product spiritual connotation. This spiritual connotation can be applied by means of emotional expression. Only by correctly conveying product information to consumers and forming resonance with users' emotions can they touch consumers' emotions and encourage consumers to accept and love such products. In the manufacture of modern perfume bottle custom, glass and crystal are the main raw materials of custom perfume bottles. In the design, more attention is paid to the shape, color and decoration of the perfume bottle, which can be "pleasant" during use. The emotional connection between people and perfume bottles is expressed through the most important component of perfume packaging, the perfume bottle, and the specific design needs to analyze the physiological and psychological needs of women, and then constitute various design elements.

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