Modern High-end Perfume Bottle Packaging Design

Modern High-end Perfume Bottle Packaging Design

The first and most important step for a perfume to be introduced to the market is that the packaging must attract the attention of customers. Perfume bottle packaging will directly affect the final sales, so some large perfume companies set up special design departments and hire top perfume bottle designers to create outer packaging. Perfume companies put a lot of effort into creating elegant and sophisticated bottles and packaging, using luxurious displays to display the fragrance, the perfume bottle and everything around it enhances the beauty of the perfume as well as its value. Of course, coupled with its ingredients, the good impression of a perfume is complete.

A good fragrance should be unusual, not grotesque, have a strong personality, be remembered, and have energy and intensity, a mellow aroma that comes out gradually without interruption, diffuses well, has staying power, has a stable aroma, and has an ambience The fragrance lasts for a long time. At the same time, it should have unique bottle type and perfume bottle packaging to form an organic unity, giving people a sense of nobility, elegance and high taste.

1. Colorful perfume bottle packaging design

Perfume bottle design has its own characteristics, which are attractive and attractive to different groups of people. The main design elements are the human body or the graceful curves of the human body. The perfume bottle is like a woman wearing a long dress. There are also perfume bottles with flowers and plants as the main shapes. The content of this perfume is more coordinated with the bottle shape and integrated. There are also bionic forms, such as: pebbles, shells, bamboo and other forms of perfume bottles, emotionally giving people an experience close to nature.

Sample perfume bottles for sale also have animal design elements, such as: "L'AIRDETEMPS" Fragrance, a rotating crystal bottle with two doves of peace on the bottle cap, which is very apt with the name of "Flying with Two Wings". The treated dove of peace has a bright color and has become a treasure in the hearts of many perfume collectors. Perfume bottles are also packaged in the shape of sun, moon, stars, buildings, ornaments, diamonds, clothing, hearts and abstract geometric shapes. Some of these perfume bottles are noble, some are transparent, and some are dexterous.

2. High-end perfume bottle packaging design inspiration

Inspired by history, the developers designed a bottle whose shape is a passivated rectangle on all technical equipment. A growing and changing generation demands a fragrance bottle design that has no limits. That's why the graphic design of the entire series becomes a blank canvas for anyone to imagine without limits. Furthermore, the decoration of the bottle escapes from the typical clear glass bottle, inviting customers to experience our most important sense: smell.

Finally, the perfume bottle design was inspired by the concept of each fragrance: a geographic and colorful abstraction from the studio. While all use the same structural design to ensure consistency, the packaging is the perfect place to design and explore new visual sources to collaborate with artists.

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