The Cosmetic Bottle Design without Art Deco

The Cosmetic Bottle Design without Art Deco

With the rapid development of commodity economy in modern society, the competition among commodities in the market is becoming more and more fierce. A wide variety of packaging and advertising designs convey more kinds of information, which greatly enriches our material and cultural life and spiritual life. The development of modern industrial civilization has brought about a new aesthetic and consumption view. With the increasing pace of life, cumbersome decorative packaging can not adapt to mass production, people begin to pursue minimalist style and humanized design. Environmental packaging, ecological packaging become more and more popular. Under these circumstances, plain packaging came into being.

1. Strong visual impact

In daily life, with similar cosmetics in shopping malls, aside from the basic packaging (product functions, ingredients, specifications, prices, production dates, etc.), the cosmetic packaging can reflect the personality of cosmetics more, and can attract more attention of consumers, triggering consumers' desire to buy. For consumers, packaging is a silent and authentic salesman. Compared to those motor-mouth salesman, consumers believe in their own feelings and visions.

2. Unique cultural aesthetic value

Cosmetic containers wholesale design must adapt to the needs of the market to meet the needs of the public. Economic globalization and the development of cultural diversity make people's demand in the spiritual field more and more vigorous, deriving a new type of values and aesthetics, coupled with the consumer's own literacy and cultural taste improvement, and the consumer values and aesthetics are constantly changing and improving, the requirements and choices of goods become more critical, which brings new challenges to the cosmetic bottle designers and perfume bottle design company

3.Promote development to desigh and technology

With the increasingly prominent problems of resources and energy, the plain packaging of cosmetic bottle design not only realizes the packaging function, but also tries its best to use the natural resources directly as raw materials, which are easy to reuse and degrade naturally. Thus, it is conducive to human health, which is more easily accepted by customers. Moreover, it saves energy and reduces pollution, and avoids harm to human body and ecological environment.

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