Several Production Processes of Plastic Tube Cosmetic Packaging

Several Production Processes of Plastic Tube Cosmetic Packaging

1. The caliber of plastic tube cosmetic packaging

Plastic tube cosmetic packaging plays an important role in the field of cosmetic packaging. It has excellent gas barrier properties, which can effectively prevent the penetration of oxygen and odor gases, and prevent the leakage of contents, aromas and active ingredients. When selecting a certain caliber, different capacities can be obtained by intercepting different lengths. The volume can be adjusted from 3ml to 360ml. For aesthetic coordination, calibers below 60ml usually use calibers below 35mm, while calibers of 100ml and 150ml usually use calibers from 35mm to 45mm, and calibers higher than 150ml require calibers above 45.

2. Several production processes of plastic tube cosmetic packaging

From a technical point of view, plastic tube cosmetic packaging can be divided into round tubes, oval tubes, flat tubes, and super flat tubes. Flat tube and super flat tube are more complicated than other tube processes. They are also new types of tubes produced in recent years, so they are relatively expensive.

Regarding the printing method, multi-color printing and screen printing can be performed on plastic tube cosmetic packaging, and the screen printing can be charged according to the number of colors. It also has thermal transfer equipment and technology, and the cost of bronzing and silver bronzing is calculated per unit area. For plastic tube cosmetic packaging, the silk screen effect is good, but the cost is slightly more expensive, and buyers can choose different manufacturers according to the different requirements of quality and price.

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