Raw Materials of the Wood Perfume Cap Had the Advantages of Drying

Raw Materials of the Wood Perfume Cap Had the Advantages of Drying

The wood perfume cap needs to use wood as raw material, and raw materials need to be processed after drying.

Raw materials of wood perfume cap which are drying has the following advantages:

1. Dry wood is lighter and transportation and handling costs are lower.
2. Dry wood is better than fresh wood in most strength attributes.
3. If proper penetration is to be carried out, especially in the case of oil-type preservatives, the wood impregnated with preservatives must be properly dried.
4. In the field of chemical modification of wood and wood products, the material should be dried to a certain moisture content before it can react adequately.
5. Dry wood is usually easier to operate than fresh logs in mechanical, surface and gluing processes, especially paint and surface treatment can only be carried out on dry wood.
6. Improving the electrical and thermal properties of wood by drying.

Almost all commercial timber in the world, including the raw materials of wood perfume cap, are dried in industrial kilns. Wood can be dried to any desired low moisture content by conventional or air drying, but in air drying, moisture content in most locations is difficult to reach the level which is below 18%.
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