Advanced Roll-on Perfume Bottle

Advanced Roll-on Perfume Bottle

Speaking of perfume, besides fragrance, the more discussed topic should be bottle design. Each perfume bottle is exquisitely decorated. The design of the roll-on perfume bottle is relatively simple, light and small. It can be applied to the wrist and neck at any time to give off a charming fragrance, and it is more durable than imagined.

The packaging form called the roll-on perfume bottle on the market is actually named according to the characteristics of the mouth structure of the perfume bottle.

The bottle type used in this type of packaging is generally a cylindrical transparent glass bottle with a smaller size, and the bottle mouth is covered with a "polyethylene roll-on inner cap" and a layer of plastic or metal screw caps. The roll-on inner cap is actually a small ball made of polyethylene (or polycarbonate, polypropylene) that is fastened, and most of the ball is pressed into the cap (can be rotated). When using the bottle upside down, the perfume will be moisturized. Wet the inner surface of the small ball, and then touch the small ball to the part where the perfume is to be used and roll it slowly to apply the perfume to the predetermined position.

Due to the strong volatility of perfume, glass bottles are often equipped with soft plastic seat rings, so that when the screw cap presses down the sphere, it can ensure a good sealing effect of the perfume roll-on bottle and avoid the volatilization of perfume.

Compared with expensive large-package perfumes, if you are not sure about its taste when choosing a perfume, then the best way is to buy the corresponding roll-on package. Otherwise, It is a waste to buy a large-package perfume when you find that is not your like.

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