Artistic Synesthesia of Perfume Glass Bottles

Artistic Synesthesia of Perfume Glass Bottles

1. The history of perfume glass bottles

Our description of an ancient thing often begins "a long time ago", so the history of perfume bottles probably originated a long time ago. Around the fourth millennium BC, the ancient Egyptians invented the method of making glass; after a few hundred years, they succeeded in turning molten glass into containers. Whether it is art or life, in the two thousand years after that, the glass bottle has been evolving until it became the original perfume bottle around 1500 BC.

They are mostly dark blue, opaque or transparent, and decorated with zigzag patterns. There is no doubt that even such a bottle was a first-class luxury at the time; the so-called good horse with a good saddle became as exclusive to the royal aristocracy as the liquid in the bottle.

As far as perfume is concerned, it was still contained in ordinary containers until the end of the nineteenth century, and perfumers often provided many bottles to customers, allowing them to choose a bottle by the way when choosing their own perfume. Therefore, there are often a variety of beautiful bottles for sale in stores at this time. Subsequently, in commercial production, the design of perfume glass bottles has gradually become an important aspect. Businesses have formulated standards for perfume bottles, and have perfect artistic design and professional production skills, which are increasingly used on perfume bottles. Today, the perfume bottle has become the most important selection factor for perfume.

2. The artistic synaesthesia of perfume glass bottles

Art synaesthesia has gradually become a potential design method in the designer's creative process. It is an important source of inspiration for designers and an effective way of information transmission and emotional communication between designers and consumers. In the design of perfume bottle custom, designers use artistic synaesthesia to transfer various sensory experiences of people with visual expression, so that the design of perfume bottles can achieve the unity of form and connotation, so as to realize the emotional connection between consumers and designers.

If you see a bottle and like it, then congratulations, you have entered a common sales routine in the modern perfume business: although you are selling fragrance, if you are willing to pay money for the bottle, it is fine.

These beautiful glass perfume bottles wholesale can often give you a lot of imagination, and DIY on the desktop is also a beautiful scenery. As a professional perfume bottle manufacturer, Our B.I. PACKAGING perfume bottles generally have four neck sizes, which are FEA 13, FEA 15, FEA 18, and FEA 20. Common capacities are 30ML, 50ML, and 100ML. There are many kinds of decorations, such as frosted, coated, screen printing, stamping (gold, silver), pad printing, transfer printing, hand polishing, glass and fire polishing, etc. Fire polishing is suitable for surfaces with very clear and high quality when required by our customers. Welcome to order our products!

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