Perfume Sprayer

Perfume Sprayer

Perfume sprayer including perfume pump, plastic vial and plastic sprayer and so on. Perfume sprayer is one of the most important part of the whole perfume bottle packaging.

Products Description

Good quality perfume sprayer referring with jet angle, output and stability. Perfume Sprayer do have multiple size from 13mm,15mm,18mm and 20mm, they will suitable with all kind of international perfume bottle FEA neck. As one of the professional perfume bottle manufacturers, our perfume sprayer can be done in different color, it related the pump actuator color, pump botton aluminum color, pump skirt aluminum color and so on…Also Perfume sprayer dip tube length can be done as per customer request. For perfume sprayer, we also have screw version which can fit with glass screw bottle, plastic screw bottle and aluminum screw bottle. We also have different choice for the pumps, they can be plastic actuator version, aluminum actuator version and crimpless version.

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