The Correct Way to Open the Sealed Plastic Perfume Caps

The Correct Way to Open the Sealed Plastic Perfume Caps

There are many types of nozzles for perfume containers. We should fully study the bottle body when opening the mouth of the perfume bottle, or ask the shopping guide whether the plastic perfume cap can be opened and how to open it when purchasing perfume. If you open it with indiscriminate violence, it will not be worth the loss if you damage the bottle mouth or spill the perfume. The most reasonable way to open the plastic perfume cap is as follows:

1. If you can't open the plastic perfume cap, try putting it in the refrigerator or in hot water

If the plastic perfume cap cannot be opened, you can try to put the perfume bottle in the refrigerator and take it out for about four to six hours. Find a stronger man and twist and twist the plastic head of the seal repeatedly. If you are lucky, you can unscrew the perfume bottle cap. Of course, you must be careful to screw it. If not, put it in the refrigerator for a longer time. The expansion rate of plastic is much larger than that of glass, so in a low temperature environment, there will be a relatively large gap at the joint. If you are lucky, you can open the one-time seal and restore it. If the bottle mouth of the perfume container is sealed with plastic, it is easy to handle. You can directly put it in hot water and wait for a few hours. If not, soak the seal of the perfume bottle with nail polish remover commonly used by girls.

2. Use the vise to open the plastic perfume caps

Fragrance packaging is carefully designed to preserve the quality of perfumes, but once the the plastic perfume cap is opened, the molecules of the perfume will do random movements. This will make the perfume volatilize within a certain period of time. Fragrance products such as perfume will deteriorate when exposed to the air. In the process of long-term storage, if they are not sealed, they will also volatilize. Therefore, the design cannot be opened at will after leaving the factory. At this time, we will use a vise to clamp the metal part of the neck of the bottle and the glass bottle body, which is laser welded, and gently turn the bottle body to try to break the welded part.

When we use it, we should use it according to the description of the varieties we purchased, and use it strictly according to the description. The above is how to open the plastic perfume caps organized by B.I. PACKAGING for you. B.I. PACKAGING By enhancing the value of each product and adopting newer concepts, we develop tailor-made solutions for our customers. Our mission is to focus on detail and innovation in packaging solutions that bring our customers' ideas to life. Caring for all of our customers is the cornerstone of our company, a commitment that allows us to maintain strong and lasting partnerships with some of the most successful perfume and cosmetic brands in the industry.

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