Introduction of Glass Perfume Roller Bottles

Introduction of Glass Perfume Roller Bottles

Ⅰ. About glass perfume roller bottles

Roller bottles, also known as roller-ball bottle, is a relatively common packaging bottle at present and is widely used by people. The body of the roller bottle is usually made of plastic and glass. Roller bottles usually have a small capacity, and a ball is installed at the mouth of the bottle so that people can apply it evenly, prevent liquid leakage, and also have a massage effect. There are two kinds of balls on the head of the roller bottle: plastic and steel balls. Generally, steel balls are used for cosmetic eye cream bottles, while plastics are used for cheap products such as lipsticks, depending on the price of the product.

Ⅱ. The materials and characteristics of the glass perfume roller bottles

Compared with sprays, the roller bottle can apply antiperspirant and deodorant more evenly on the skin surface, and the skin feels cooler after the roll-on. For use in some designated locations, roll-on products appear to be more professional. Among them, plastic roll-on bottles are used for eye cream, which can be directly applied to the skin around the eyes. It can be applied evenly and has a massage effect, which helps to eliminate eye wrinkles and eye fatigue; the cool touch of glass beads and steel balls can help eliminate eye puffiness and they are easy to use.

The plastic roll on bottles offered by the reliable perfume bottle manufacturer offer several benefits over traditional glass bottle packaging.The materials of the plastic roll on bottles has the characteristics similar to the glass material, which is not easy to react with the content, and at the same time overcomes the disadvantage of the glass ball bottle being fragile during transportation. The plastic roll on bottles can be injection molded in various colors, and can be injection molded into bright and sandy effects. Relatively speaking, the cost is low and the grade is also good. What the roller bottle needs is that the water discharge effect is good when it is used, and it cannot leak liquid when not in use. The product is vacuum leak-tested when it leaves the factory, and there is no liquid leakage problem, so you can use it without worry.

Ⅲ. The packaging of the glass perfume roller bottles

The packaging form of perfume called "rolling beads" on the market is actually named according to the characteristics of the bottle mouth structure of the perfume bottle. The bottle type used in this fragrance packaging form is generally a cylindrical transparent glass perfume roller bottle with a smaller size, and the bottle mouth is covered with a "polyethylene roll-on inner cap", which is covered with a plastic or metal screw cap.

In fact, it is a small ball made of polyethylene that is fastened. Most of the ball is pressed into the cap. When using, turn the bottle upside down, the perfume will wet the inner surface of the ball, then contact the ball with the part where you want to use the perfume and roll slowly, you can apply the perfume to the desired position. Due to the strong volatility of perfume, glass perfume roller bottle is often equipped with a soft plastic seat ring, so that when the screw cap is pressed down on the sphere, it can ensure a good sealing effect of the bottle and avoid the volatilization and loss of perfume.

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