Lip Gloss Container

Lip Gloss Container

Lip gloss case is very similar with Mascara case. It's combined by cap, rod, wiper, bottle and applicator.

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Cap normally is made by plastic (injection) or aluminum (punching). Rod normally made by POM or PP. But POM will have low formaldehyde precipitation, PBT is more and more suggested instead of POM.

Wiper is use to control the dosage and also help air tight. Normally the material is LDPE, TPE or NBR. LDPE is most used, but function is also normal. It's easy to assemble with bottle. NBR and TPE function is perfect, but the difficult to assemble with bottle. We can use 2 times injection LDPE and TPE to get the better component. The bottle is the container for lip gloss. It's also the main part for decoration.

We can use PP, PET, PETG, PA to get the bottle. PP, PET, PA use injection and blowing produce the bottle, but the PETG use squeeze and blowing to produce the bottle.  Lip gloss case is very strict with air tight. If the bottle can't stop the bulk volatilization, the bulk will easily dry. Lip gloss case decoration process is the same as other plastic products, including lip gloss case wholesale. Hot stamping, hot transfer printing, silkscreen, offset printing, U.V. coating, metallization, laser engraving.

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